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Indigenous Engagement

Our Commitment to Indigenous Relations

PAR Bronze LogoIPAC Services understands the importance of building and maintaining positive reciprocal relationships with Indigenous communities in the areas in which we work. Constructive Indigenous relations are vital not only because most natural resource development in Canada takes place on the traditional territory of Indigenous peoples, but because IPAC believes that the perspectives and contributions of Indigenous peoples are important components of successful, responsible, and cost-effective development.

We are sensitive to issues facing Indigenous workers in today’s workplace. IPAC has a number of policies in place to ensure the extension of fair and equal opportunities to the individuals and groups associated with our work activities. We strive to share in the success we have achieved in our past projects and activities.

IPAC has a number of policies in place to ensure these priorities are realized, which include:

  • Extending employment opportunities and contracting opportunities to Indigenous workers and businesses;
  • Partnering with Indigenous communities to establish job shadowing and mentorship programs;
  • Helping to integrate new Indigenous workers into the workforce, and providing continued support to their communities;
  • Seeking ways to grow our team’s understanding of Indigenous peoples and issues facing them, through training and certification systems; and
  • Striving to develop formal and informal business partnerships with Indigenous communities that we work with.

IPAC’s Indigenous Policy Guide reflects our commitment to meaningful Indigenous relations, and outlines the strategies and policies we have developed to build these constructive relationships.

We look forward to assessing the opportunities and benefits that current or future projects could offer for additional Indigenous relationships and/or partnerships.

Looking Forward: Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR)

IPAC is always looking for new ways to improve its relationships with Indigenous communities, which is why IPAC is a member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) and why we have achieved a “Bronze Level” status with the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program.

PAR is an online management and reporting program that supports progressive improvement in Aboriginal relations. To become a PAR Bronze Level certified business, IPAC had to undergo an independent external verification process. Through PAR, we are measuring our performance, and identifying opportunities for improvement, in four performance areas related to Aboriginal relations:

  • Employment
  • Business Development
  • Community Investment
  • Community Engagement

PAR reflects the best practices in corporate social responsibility reports that are found in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

IPAC is committed to using the CCAB organization and PAR as a supplemental tool for our Indigenous Relations program. The four performance areas will help us record, assess and improve our Indigenous relations policies, and will signal to communities that we are committed to prosperity in Indigenous communities.

More information about the CCAB can be found on their website: www.ccab.com



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